Who is Monstalung?

1980 B-boy who does what he loves.

I’ve been creating, performing, and releasing hip hop music for 30 years. I ran an independent hip hop record label out of Morgantown West Virginia from 2000 – 2015 called SoundVizion, and I have collaborated with Bubba Sparxxx, Loon, Father MC, and 6’6 240. Currently I run a production company called Jordan Clan Beats, finishing up my memoir, and releasing new music. 

Creating is like breathing for me, it’s therapeutic. I use to have expectations and agendas with my creativity, but now I do it simply because it makes me happy, and if i don’t create I become depressed. I’m passionate about my passion. My current mission is to teach, share, and advocate the importance of actively doing the thing you love to do, and we all have that thing. But we may not be actively involved with it because of responsibilities, commitment’s, and insecurities create self doubt, especially in the genre of hip hop music, they try to put an expiration date on your art. The truth of matter is the more you do something, the better you get at it, i’m a strong believer when it comes to repetition. I’ve been making music for 3 decades, and I feel like I got 2 more decades in me, feel free to come and continue this journey with me.

do it because it makes you happy.



to create art until I die.


create a community of creators who dream like me.