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4Pz: Episode 11- Crab Shack, Jimmy Cliff, and the Digital Nomads

First thing, if you have been following the 4Pz series, you know at the end we have a segment called BlindFaith Beats, well I decided that BlindFaith Beats will now become it’s own show every Friday at 4PM. 4Pz will stay on Wednesday at 4PM.
It just made sense to me to split the 2 shows up.
On this episode of 4Pz me and Ryan Dunkerly go check our fellow band mate Xavier Williams playing in his other band The Digital Nomads at the Crabshack in Morgantown WV. Me and Ryan had been in the studio earlier that day with Xavier, so it was a nice reward to get some seafood and drinks and here some good music from our friends.

background music was 6’6 240 & Jathara “Country Boi”, you can hear and download at

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