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4Pz Episode 14 – My Family Reunion Richmond Virginia 2017 Pt1

My family reunion was in Richmond Virginia. I have missed a few in the past and was really wanting to go to with this one with my mom, and my son also was going to meet us there, so I was looking forward to the trip.
First, I had to drive to Ansted West Virginia and pickup my mom, then we were going to drive to Richmond together. My son was meeting us in Richmond.
Our picnic was at Hadad Water Park, the kids got to go swimming, while the adults stayed by the food and drink, and socialized and reunited.
The reunion was held at the Embassy Suites, the whole family was there, and they have the bomb complimentary breakfast, and happy hour.I was supposed to go out later that night with the family to a military base party, but I got tired and went to sleep. The drive caught up with me. Day one was awesome, and Day 2 is better, but that will be in next weeks episode.

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Catch you next week!

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