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4Pz Episode 17 “My 1st WV BlackBear Playoff Baseball Game”

This summer i went to my first WV BlackBear baseball game, which just happened to be a playoff game. My dear friend Pastor Shirley Robinson had some extra tickets and asked me and my wife if we wanted to go, my wife doesnt do live sports events so I brought my lil homie Garrett. Garrett and I work on numerous photo and video projects. Also me and Pastor Shirley also work on various music projects in Morgantown (she is awesome singer by the way), it was cool to do something with both Shirley and Garrett that wsnt work related. The ball park is awesome, small and intimate, not a bad seat in the place. food is very good, and the drinks were not too pricey at all. The location is sick, if you ever been to the new University Town center in Morgantown, it basically sits on a hill and over looks Morgantown, great view.

music by Ace Beanz “My Zone”

music by Jordan Clan “Fantasy Day”

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