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4Pz Episode 2 – The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced “Fathers to Sons”

Me and and DJ Dollar decided to go to our friend DJ Sean Nice CD Release party for his first musical release from his R&B duo “On The Prowl”, the name of the CD is called Legacy. Sean Nice is a local DJ legend in the Morgantown / Pittsburgh area, but his close friends know he is a extremely talented musician and singer, and he has put his music on hold for years because he is always booked as a DJ so his friends have been waiting on this day for years. When we got to the venue in Uiontown PA, it was already packed, it was a all white event and with your ticket came a complimentary buffet and open bar, yeah Sean did it right! One of the highlights was watching his son open up for him as a DJ, also seeing all the local DJs there was great. Once the show started the group OTP did about 5 songs, and then it just turned into a old school hip hop jam, and we partied hard! Great event, and the performance was good.
This week on Blindfaith Beats, which is always at the end of my 4Pz videos, I finished up a song I was working on with my son, and Xavier Williams. It’s always special to work with my son, it reminds me of when I use to work with my Dad on projects, something me and my father did my whole life, and I cherish those times, so too be doing it with my son it just feels full circle. On this beat i started off with just the metronome running and my son then came up with a bass line, i then put some drums under it, I love the congas in this beat I added by the way. Jump to a month or so later and I bring in Xavier to lay some keys on top of everything and as usual Xavier just took it to the next level. I really like this beat, and its for sale at our Beat Stars page. See you next week!

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