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4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 3 Open Mic Nights

In this episode i covered one of the many open mics at 123 pleasant St in Morgantown WV, its a night a bunch of local musicians come out and socialize, play, and collaborate with each other. This was during the summer, so if you ever been in a college town during the summer you know its a dead scene, but us locals enjoy this time becomes its not so busy, and traffic is a lot better. This open mic my band QUIE was playing as the house band which means i get to kick it with them for the night and we always have fun together. My buddy Joh Harper, aka Johnny harmonic came out after he got off work which was a bonus. Me and Johnny have been making music now for over 10 years, and he is simply one of my best friends in the whole world, you can see how goofy we get when we are together. love the dude. caught up with another friend of mine, local pro boxer/rapper/entrepreneur Eric Watkins aka 1 Arm Bandit, he got me caught up on whats going on in his life. talked to a new local hip hop act out of Wheeling WV by the name of David Wood, they told me about their new project they were releasing. Overall I had a blast as always at 123 pleasant St.
In the Blindfaith Beats segment of 4Pz, I worked on a beat that had a sample I been wanting to work with for years by Raphael Saadiq called “Excuse Me”, pulled Xavier Williams into the session for some keys. Very cool beat which you can check out at

or buy the track for your song at–768329

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