4Pz: The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 4 – Garrett x P$ x QUIE

Garret Yurisko is a close friend of mine, and we work on a lot of video projects in the past. He is my photo / video support guy, I’m new to photo and video, i’m a music guy, but when i need to know something Garrett is my go to person for that medium. This summer we started to get together and have production meeting about content we both were working on, we make it fun by going to a new spot each time for food and drinks, in this episode we are at Tera Cafe in Morgantown / Star City WV and the food is great.
Me and Garrett worked on a video project for QUIE when we first formed the band, but we did not keep up with it, we wanted it to be a series, but it never really came to life, so i guess this would be considered a pilot show that never got picked up.
For the shoot we focused on a collaboration session we did with P$ from Charleston WV, some one we met doing numerous open mics in Morgantown, and P$ was the open mic king, could freestyle over any genre or beat, he is a really good freestyler, he would walk around with this boom box necklace he made and bust a freestyle whenever asked, or not asked. I been wanting to collaborate with him for awhile, so when we decided to try a series for the band he was my first choice of what we should do, check it out, it was a fun day.
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