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4Pz The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced Episode 7 A Night Out In Morgantown WV

This is a example of a perfect night out in Morgantown West Virginia for me. It started with visiting my DJ buddy DJ Arthurking, creator of Power 909 Online Radio and just catching up with each other, DJ Arthurking is currently into flying virtual planes, and we talk about that, and what kind of music he has been listening too. I then head to 123 Pleasant St to meet up with my friend, and music partner Ace Beanz, me and Ace Beanz have been releasing music since the late 1990s, and our family’s grew up on the same block of white avenue in South Park of Morgantown WV. Me and Beanz have a couple drinks and just talk until the bands start playing. The main act of the night is Neo Soul artist Xenia Rubio, but my band QUIE is opening up, and another local artist by the name of Rebecca Berhanu, she is very talented. One of the highlights of the night was bartender Donnie telling us a story about finding Ace Beanz referenced in a local book by a story from Glenn Taylor, it kind of blew everyones mind. Also had a short conversation with Xavier Williams about how the live aspect with our band was coming, and also about how our studio sessions have been going.
Blindfaith Beats is a weekly segment of 4Pz thats focuses on a new beat we worked on in the studio. This weeks beat was a idea i had for a beat i made years ago, I wanted Xavier to replay the sample, and build of it, and thats what we did. This is a technique both me and Xavier are enjoying, recreating beats I made before that are sampled based.
You can download the beat for free, or if your an artist and want to purchase or lease the beat go to
Ace Beanz – Clearer

Monstalung Da Brand – Supercat

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