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Blind Faith Beats Episode 15 Live Studio Session with Quie and Dylan Sinclair Hip Hop Jazz

On this episode of Blind faith Beats, I dig in our vault for some unreleased video footage that I have always liked, but never finished, so I’m just going to release it here. it’s a live studio recording with Quie, my hip hop jazz band, and Dylan Sinclair, a local Morgantown WV rapper, who is living in California now. A couple years ago we planned to do a series of live recordings, but our schedules never lined up and we were not able to pull it off. The song we did is actually on our Itunes release, the song is called Professor X Groove, and was on our first EP Quie Pro Quo, which is available on Itunes, and all steaming services.
to download the song “Professor X Groove” by Quie & Dylan Sinclair go to

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