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Blind Faith Beats Episode 24 We Got Beats, Do You Have Bars? Event at 123 Pleasant St Morgantown WV

I been following this local producer named Elliot Metcalf aka and i just love his beats, he makes me want to make beats, and I have been more active on my music production because of his Instagram post of his beats. Also I realized that there has not been any local hip hop shows lately and back when I was more active in the community we had a great hip hop community in Morgantown. So I decided to throw a FREE hip hop event so we can reignite the hip hop scene, plus give Elliot a platform to showcase his beats, and any other local hip hop artist. So this is a recap of our first “We Got Beats, Do You Have Bars?” event, and our next one will be March 22, 2018 at

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