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Episode 8 The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced “Potomac State, Dentist Visit, Chris Allen, and BlindFaith beats”

That’s my dog cutie at the beginning of the video, isn’t she adorable! In this week of 4Pz, The Pain & Pleasure Pa$$ion Produced, me, DJ Dollar, and DJ Strizy host a welcome back event at Potomac State University, which was really fun. Then i give you a sneak peek into my dental visit before I head off to 123 Pleasant St to see Chris Allen, he said he was going to do a few songs at the hip hop open mic that night, and i love to see Chris perform.
In this week of Blindfaith i focused on a beat Xavier Williams was working on called “Move Ya Feet”
You can download the beat at

Songs featured in this episode
Lovin You by A-Breezy & Quie

Dowhatitdo by DJ Strizy & Monstalung


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