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[BTS] @quiemusic writing song with @willzp #juneizsoundvizion Day7

One of the techniques we use to write songs is just to let Willz P freestyle whatever comes to his head, and focus on the good stuff. We started with the concept I love hard, but as Willie started to sing “True Love” really stood out, and Willz was feeling it, and it sounded good.
So now Willz P or me will go back and write the story-line and lyrics for True Love. Sometimes this takes a night to get done, and then there are songs we have that are unfinished from more than 2 years ago.
This is one of my favorite ways to write with Willz P, he usually able to channel whatever emotion he is going through at the time and vocalize it, sometimes it can get to personal for Willz, but it’s always therapeutic. I try to get him to share the personal stuff because thats where I believe the great music comes from, but its not easy to share your life with the world. Actually, local towns are worse, everybody knows everybody and everything in a small town, and most likely someone knows the detail about the personal song you just written. As artist, this is the path we chose, to put our flaws out in the public in open eye sight, for them to judge, and for their entertainment.
I love writing and recording with WillzP, i think he is a musical soulmate of mine, what we do sometimes feel more spiritual than musical, its a special feeling that I rarely get in the studio.-by Monstalung

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