“6 Predicts” Ep. 7 #10 WVU Mountaineers vs OSU

West Virginia rapper 6’6 240 talks about West Virginia University Mountaineers upcoming football games. Watch other “6 Predicts video at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsoRQNpMLB-q5ZsTTnmzBQJHjVe15gig Watch 6’6 240 Video “Leaving” at https://youtu.be/96ZEiGHBa-c Listen to “WE ARE WEST VIRGINIA” by 6’6 240 at https://youtu.be/APwi3MliF-c https://twitter.com/66240 https://www.facebook.com/mrdubvee Get 6’6 240 music on ITunes at https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/hard-work-dedication/id343462456?mt=1&app=music

#juneizsoundvizion Day 26 “WV Clap” 6’6 240, Ace Beanz, DJ Sean Nice

#juneizsoundvizion Day 26 “WV Clap” 6’6 240, Ace Beanz, DJ Sean Nice R.I.P Lacy Neff. WV Clap is the 2nd most successful music release we have ever had at Soundvizion, and it was Lacy Neff (DJ at 102 FM-Radio WVAQ) that believed in the song, and played it on prime time on WVAQ, which then …

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“Believe” 6’6 240 & Jathara #Juneizsoundvizion Day 25 [VIDEO]

First off Happy Birthday to our Soundvizion brother Jathara, whose birthday was this past weekend (June 26), told ya #juneizsoundvizion. Jathara produced this track, and wrote the hook and concept for this song also. Since me and my brother (6’6 240) are HUGE Cleveland CAVS & Browns fan, this could of been our anthem for …

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Johnny Harmonic “Leavin” #juneizsoundvizion Day22 [VIDEO]

Johnny Harmonic “Leavin” #juneizsoundvizion Day22 [VIDEO] Depending who you talk too, either Johnny Harmonic, or 6’6 240, they both will say the other one stole this beat. I made the beat and here is how it went down. I been wanting to sample a few things of the Robin Thicke album Evolution, Willz P was …

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