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Tools of the trade

My Creative Resources

I use the iMac computer to run my DAW, audio interface, apps, and software. Get your own iMac here.

I use the APC 40 by Akai as a controller for my DAW (digital audio workstation), but the way I use it is like a multi channel mixer. My model is hard to find because its older, they do have a newer version. Get your own APC 40 by AKAI here.

Ableton Live is the software/DAW (digital audio workstation) that I use to make beats, remixes, and record songs. Its my favorite DAW to create music on. Get Ableton Live with a recording start up kit here. 

To trigger sounds in ableton, and chop samples I use M-Audio’s Axiom Mini 32 Air keyboard controller. These are hard to find because its older, but M-Audio has a few newer ones just like it. Get a M-Audio Keyboard Controller here.

My audio interface is very old, but It works fine, It’s the Digidesig Digi003 audio interface. I don’t think they make these any more. If your making music with digital software most likely you will need a audio interface. Get your audio interface here.

Out of habit, I always ran my audio signal, microphone or instruments through my Studio Projects Mic Pre Amp and then to my audio interface 

The AKAI MPC 2000 XL is my baby, I’ve been making beats on it for 20 years. I’ve been tinkering around with the MPC Studio here and there, but still have a lot to learn. They don’t make the AKAI MPC 2000 XL anymore but they have many versions of the AKAI MPC (Music Production Series). The difference between the MPC 2000 XL and the MPC Studio is alot, but in general, the MPC 2000 XL is stand alone hardware, while you need a computer and software to use the MPC Studio, it acts as acontroller or trigger.  Click here to get a AKAI MPC. If interested in the AKAI MPC Studio click here. 


I use turntables  to look for samples on vinyl records. I have the Technic SL 1200 and a Sony turntable I have had for years, quite amazing it still works. I run the turntables directly into my audio interface or MPC 2000 XL to capture samples.

Click here to get a technic turntable.

Click here to get a Sony turntable.

Whoever invented these microphone insulation devices are geniuses, they are gamechangers. If you do home recordings I suggest investing into one.

Click here to get microphone insulation for your microphone.

I have been using the same Studio projects microphone for at least 15 years, works great.

Click here to get a Studio Projects Microphone.

Love the sound of my Behringer Truth Studio Monitors, they are also a gamechanger.

Click here to get Behringer Truth Studio Monitors.

Adding the Samson Bass Sub Woofer with my Behringer Truth studio monitors takes my studio room sound to the next level.

Click here to get the Samson Sub Woofer.

A good work space is essential for creative workflow. When I got the Vitesse 63′ inch computer desk it gave me the room to fit my gear at arms reach and my workflow improved.

Click here to get the Vitesse 63′ inch computer table.

I use a USB port or dock to plug external drives, and hardware because my iMac comes with minimum usb ports.

Click here to get a USB dock.