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VIDEO: “SUPERCAT” Monstalung Da Brand

DJ Monstalung say’s he considers this the “A Team” for Monstalung Da Brand, hip hop band based around various collaborations, but when the following MC’s (6’6 240, A Breezy, Ace Beanz, & Johnny Harmonic) and DJ Monstalung voltron it’s a guarantee your gonna get good, dope music! DJ Monstalung speaks about the production, I always wanted to flip “Supercat’s” DOlly My Baby, but he went to the original source, Herbie Hancock, and sampled his song “Watermelon Man“, gave me more control when it came to chop up the sample. A Breezy came up with the hook, and added DJ Monstalung on ad libs to make it hype. All of the MCs did their thang, it did get a little competitive though, 6’6 240 did re-write his verse after hearing Johnny Harmonic’s verse said DJ Monstalung, but its that type of environment that makes our music what it is.

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