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“Fresh Like Dougie” @monstalung #juneizsoundvizion Day3


I was tired of song ideas getting overlooked by my brother 6’6 240, A Breezy was tuning me out, not liking my ideas, and just as me and Johnny started to click, he moved out LA (cant blame him, Morgantown? or LA? tough call, lol), regardless i was having vision for these beats and hooks flowing through my head. I decided, damn it, I’m gonna put out my own damn project”, just like that Monstalung Da Brand was born. Now anyone who knows me, know I can have multiple brainstorming sessions in one day, some are good, some not so good, this strength might have been my weakness, kept me spread thin and not focused, idk.
I had to convince the team to squeeze my project into their recording time, wasn’t hard, first project of mine that wasn’t a mixtape in 10 years. So with this in mind I turned on my MPC and pulled up the Beastie Boys sample I been wanting to flip forever, and the minute I jumped on the drums it was a wrap, I made this beat in a hour, it was destiny (in my mind).
Fresh Like Dougie is one of my favorite beats out of the 100s I made throughout the years, AD Rock’s vocal just make the beat, and it matches up with my boom bap style perfectly.
Very hard to perform this song with all of us scattered through out the country now, but when we do, its Fresh Like Dougie (i know, corny, but appropriate)-by Monstalung

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