Big Chief ft Paycheck Game “Do The Damn Thing” #juneizsoundvizion Day4 [Free Download]

Do The Damn Thing 1080
304 Reconz out of Morgantown WV consisted of 6’6 240 (Ansted WV), Paycheck Game (Webster County WV), and Big Chief (Oak Hill WV), all now living in Morgantown WV and produced by me, at that time I wasn’t using the name Monstalung, I went by 227 Digitalmasterz….but that is a whole other story.
This was Big Chiefs first solo project (Sawed Off) out of the group, but he played a important part on ALL of the 304 Reconz, and early 6’6 240 projects. Chief is the last piece on a project that makes everything work, his care free attitude creates a great working environment, and he strives for originality and that approach adds color to the songs we worked on. He has a gift for hearing something, and then knowing exactly what it needs, i miss his touch on my production, one day we will get it back together.
It was intriguing to watch all the different relationships among our artist with a crew like ours, Paycheck and Chief had that “playful brothers” bond, like “i dare you too” stuff. They inspired each other when they worked on music, at least it seemed to me they did. I think this track captures that.
-by Monstalung
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