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Willz P “Neva Enuff” #juneizsoundvizion Day13

Alot of me and Willz p writing sessions go in the direction of whatever Willie is feeling that day, but on the day we wrote this song we were both dealing with relationship issues with our significant other. Well, my wife was home that day, and heard the writing and recording of this song, and I must say, she can’t stand the song, absolutely hates it, and i understand why. It’s hard being in a relationship with a artist, everything in life finds its way back to the art, which can become overwhelming for someone who just supports the art, its hard for them to understand that creativity is all we think, dream, talk, and breathe, that shit can get old to non-artist. On the other side of that coin, the artist who can write about their pain, and issues (not all artist can do this, some stuff is too personal for some artist) learn that writing about it becomes therapeutic, and what I have seen is that the real stuff is more relate-able to the music listener. Whats the line from the movie “Five Heartbeats, pain makes great songwriters”.
Let me take this quick moment to say this to my wife, “I know I’m not easy to deal with, but you can never say I’m boring, and you want find a man who loves you more, thanks for tolerating my passion”
No need to get into the song concept, it self explanatory, and WillzP performance of the song captured all the emotions, I flipped a Al Green sample on the beat, and it’s a perfect soundtrack to the story me and Willz P was trying to tell. -by Monstalung

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