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WillzP Sings SHAI #juneizsoundvizion Day 24

First time I heard Willz P was when he was recording with Marcus D’tray, and his voice was so soulful, i knew I had some hooks for him to do. Once we started working together we saw we had chemistry on sparking ideas for songs, and ever since, we have been trying to master the art of songwriting. Never knew our relationship outside of music would go in the direction it has, with out a doubt Willie is one of my few best friends. We have been through a lot together, good and bad, and I’m grateful for someone like Willie Pruitt in my life. This is one of those rare times, where the art brought something bigger than music, dont get me wrong, we make great music, but the friendship is way bigger. I chose this video because I think your able to hear what I heard that first day I heard his voice.-by Monstalung

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